Who Is Responsible for Maintaining the Roads?

It is the driver’s responsibility to drive safely, but his safe driving can only go so far. Outside factors such as weather, vehicle defects, and road defects can all be causes of serious accidents that even a safe and defensive driver can’t avoid or control. According to the website of the Abel Law Firm, if roadside safety is not maintained, then even the safest driver can be in danger of getting into an accident.

Road defects such as potholes, defective traffic lights, lack of guardrails and many others can all count as factors that can endanger the lives of motorists and pedestrians alike. It is the government’s task to uphold and maintain these road safety measures, and if they don’t do this job they can held liable for any accident that occur in their area. Competent management of the road safety features saves lives; guardrails, for example, play a vital role in maintaining proper roadside safety. They serve as:

1.Prevention from going over the edge of an elevated area of the road
2.Protection from skidding onto a body of water on the side of the road
3.Absorber of the force of impact during an accident
4.Redirecting vehicles to the right side of the road
5.Avoiding roll-over accidents

Installing guardrails is something the government should always be keen to look into; however, installing the wrong type of guardrail is just as dangerous as not installing them at all. There are certain types or models of guardrails that can cause more harm than good, and some states are even banning in using them on their roads.

Guardrails are barriers that need to be maintained and posted in places where they are most needed. In high-speed roads such as the freeways, these barriers help vehicles from veering off the road. They help prevent or stop a small accident from becoming a major incident. Guardrails, together with proper road signs (or lights) are the things that keep traffic flowing safely and freely.

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