DUI Accidents and Personal Injury and Insurance Claims

Just about every state in the US has their own laws regarding drunk driving, often known as DUI or DWI (driving while intoxicated). DUI is considered as one of the leading causes of deaths for road accidents, and the penalties are often very stiff and long-lasting. When you have been injured or involved in a car accident due to the other driver being under the influence of alcohol or illegal substance, it may be easier to get compensation after you have filed for a personal injury claim.

Filing for a personal injury claim against the offending party and their insurance company would be smoother. First thing to do in order to have compensation for all the damages and injuries you have suffered is to file a claim to the offending party’s insurance company. According to the website of Williams Kherker, before going to the court to file a personal injury lawsuit, it may be better to talk with the offending driver’s insurance company for a possible settlement. The law requires every driver to carry at least the minimum amount needed for car insurance. Informing the insurance company about your plan to talk about possibly reaching a settlement before going to court may even be a more fruitful decision, as many insurance companies would rather settlement a claim than have it brought up to court.

Filing a third-party claim would possibly yield even more compensation than going to court, especially if the offending driver is has a DUI conviction from the court. Drunk driving is heavily frowned upon, and most judge or jury often give harsher penalties or fines against the offending driver for their negligent actions that caused harm or danger to other motorists or pedestrians. Most often than not the verdict is in favor of the victim, and the offending driver and their insurance company would end up paying more. This is the main reason why many insurance companies prefer to have a settlement because they will not have to pay as much. This is also in your best interest, as going to court may cost money and time. In order to have fair settlement and to determine how much is the right compensation, it is advised to consult and even hire a personal injury lawyer to cover the laws that may affect your case.


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