Olbrich Botanical Gardens: Enjoying the Beauty of Nature in Madison

Madison, Wisconsin is well known for its breathtaking landscapes and glacial lakes. There are several ways tourist can enjoy the scenery such a setting provides. Among the many attractions in Madison that features the beauty of nature, the Olbrich Botanical Gardens along Atwood Avenue is especially memorable.

Olbrich Botanical Gardens cover an area of about 16 acres. This sprawling area covers several outdoor garden displays, as well as an indoor tropical conservatory. The outdoor gardens are open daily and features breathtaking blooms all year round. There are a total of 14 gardens in Olbrich. Perhaps the most notable of them all is the Thai Pavilion & Garden, which features flora that originates from the tropical region and has an ornate pavilion structure as its centerpiece. The Rose Garden, which features up to two acres of different types of roses, is also particularly memorable.

Meanwhile, the Bolz Conservatory serves as a year-round paradise for a variety of exotic plants. Inside, visitors will have their breath taken away by vibrant and fragrant flowers, free-flying birds and butterflies, as well as a rushing waterfall just around the corner. All of these 650 types of tropical and sub-tropical plants are housed inside a huge glass pyramid that is 50 feet tall and 100 by 100 feet wide. Inside, the temperature is maintained at around 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Olbrich Botanical Garden also hosts several events all throughout the year. During the summer, for example, Olbrich hosts a summer concert series and a gala fundraiser. Olbrich can also be a premiere venue for events like weddings and parties.

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